Skin Balancing Glow Serum - Pro-Biotic!

Skin Balancing Glow Serum - Pro-Biotic!

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This unique serum primes the skin with a gorgeous, luminous glow. This soft-touch formula leaves the skin feeling plumped and hydrated with a light matte finish. Warm gold mineral pigments create a brightening effect and help to diffuse the look of redness, skin irregularities and wrinkles. It also serves to hydrate the skin, leaving it plumped and healthy looking.

Skin-Refining Pigments

Orbanche Rapum Extract is derived from a chlorophyll-free plant that is enriched in sugar esters that are known for their antioxidant benefits. It helps to exfoliate dead skin while supporting the skin’s barrier, microflora and moisture levels, offering a synergistic effect on the appearance of aging skin.

Reflective gold pigments boost radiance and luminosity

Deeply hydrates the skin

Illuminates and brightens the complexion

Tri-Botanical sugar extract helps to improve epidermal hydration for an immediate and time release moisturizing effect. It also supports glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) within the skin, which are essential for firmness and elasticity.

Minimizes the appearance of signs of aging